Proform XR 10.9 Power Tower

Amp up your workout with the ProForm XR 10.9 Power Tower. This multi-use station provides you with the ability to strengthen your upper body and core whenever you want while enjoying the privacy of your own home. Build lean muscle in your triceps and chest with a push-up and dip station, target your lats and biceps with a challenging pull-up station, and strengthen your core with a vertical knee raise station. Built with vinyl covered foam padding on the captain’s chair and armrests, this tower not only provides comfort during your strength training but is also easy to wipe down and keep clean after each intense workout. Your XR 10.9 Power Tower’s durable construction means you can give every workout your all as you train with your own body weight. Stop sinking your hard-earned money into expensive annual gym memberships and invest in the ProForm XR 10.9 Power Tower - and a stronger future - today.

Vertical Knee Raise Station

  • Step up and sculpt your six-pack with the comfortable vertical knee raise station, perfect for strengthening your core and toning your abdominal muscles.

Built-In Push-Up Station

  • Get the most out of your push-up workout with these padded push-up hand grips that are conveniently built right into your Tower.

Multi-Grip Pull-Up Station

  • Get a grip - wide, narrow, side-to-side - and build better, stronger arms with this multi-grip pull-up station.

Dip Station

  • Use this tried-and-true feature to build triceps, chest, and shoulder muscles along with incredible upper-body strength.

300 Lb. Weight Capacity

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