MuscleTech 3in1 Testosterone Booster


The Ultimate Male Performance Complex

Testosterone is a critical component for vitality and boosting muscle and strength in men. With the pressures of daily life and training, it's important to maximize testosterone levels within the normal healthy range in order to keep your edge. 3-in-1 Testosterone Booster is a powerful complex that helps increase free testosterone, support blood flow, as well as boost energy, and metabolism.*

Testosterone Amplifier Matrix

This potent formula works with the body to increase free testosterone levels. 3-in-1 Testosterone Booster is formulated with 10mg of boron, shown in scientific research to significantly increase free (active) testosterone levels and decrease estradiol levels after only seven days. Plus, 3-in-1 Testosterone Booster also features 300mg Fenugreek Extract, giving you an advanced ingredient engineered with men in mind.*

Nitric Oxide & Blood Flow Support

Nitric Oxide is a key signaling molecule in the body that has been extensively studied for its effects in supporting blood flow. Scientifically engineered to support Nitric Oxide production. 3-in-1 Testosterone Booster delivers 1.5g of L-Citrulline, a unique amino acid that has been shown to be a metabolic precursor to Nitric Oxide synthesis.*

Energy & Focus Blend

With 150mg of caffeine per serving, 3-in-1 Testosterone Booster will help elevate training performance, increase workout intensity and boost thermogenesis, all while giving you the energy and focus you're looking for. You'll change the game of how you approach daily activities - from your job to the gym and everything in between.*

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