Opti Test Thermo


FC formulated thermogenic testosterone booster:

  • promotes natural testosterone production
  • Maximizes lean muscle
  • Assist fat burn
  • Boosts stamina, strength & energy to ensure maximum productivity in perfomance.

Single serving of OT Thermo contains:

  • 675MG Ashwagandha extract-  the presence of compounds known as withanolides,  can improve aspects of sexual health and fertility such as sperm motility, semen volume, and sperm count. In addition,Ashwagandha extract  may not just only increase your body’s muscle-building potential, but could also speed up your recovery time following exercise and reduce the amount of pain you feel as a consequence.
  • 300mg Fenugreek-This has also been proven scientifically to increase libido in men, this can be explained by the huge amounts of flavonoids and antioxidants found in it.

    These are going to lower inflammation levels in the body.

    Which is going to free energy which in turn brings more vitality and stamina and is used by the body when needed.

  • 200mg Maca-Maca can improve male libido and sexual function The prevalence of men experiencing low libido and erectile dysfunction has drastically increased in recent years and is also age linked. It is estimated that 5-50% of men between 30-80 years will experience issues with erectile function and libido, with those on antidepressants affected even more so. Maca can assist with the boost of erections & increase libido.
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