11pc Resistance Band Set
SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE: Great for men and women of all fitness levels. Each Fashnex Fitness exercise band offers a different level of resistance. Use the workout bands for your quads, glutes, buttocks, chest, Abs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs and knees...
20lb Slam Ball
STRONG CONSTRUCTION: Constructed of durable PVC material, our Slam Balls designed to withstand intensive repetitive exercises for a long time SECURE & STABLE: With a heavy-duty textured shell, our medicine balls for exercise offer non slip & stable grip for secure...
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22 mm Barbie Power Band
The 22mm Barbie Power Band is equal to 30-70 lbs of resistance   Perfect for home and gym workouts & super easy to travel with ! 
25lb Wall Ball
FUNCTIONAL EXERCISE – Versatile for cross-training workouts, power and agility training, core exercises, functional fitness and strength SOFT SHELL – PU leather exterior is soft to the touch, with a padded interior with slight give to catch and grip comfortably IMPACT-ABSORBING – Cushioned...
3 Tier Dumbbell Rack w/ Cups
3 Tier Dumbbell Rack w/ Cups Accommodates a large number of dumbbells across three tiers Provides extra storage for smaller accessories like water bottles or towels Vertical design optimizes floor space, ideal for LARGE DUMBBELL collections
3-in-1 Soft Plyo Box
PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Our plyo boxes are built from high-grade ¾ plywood with dense foam padding to create a soft box that’s just as stable as the wood-only version. Wrapped in durable non-slip textured vinyl so you can jump, step, and...
30 Minute Virtual Consultation
Book your 30-minute virtual consultation and find out how The Fitness Connection can support your fitness and wellness goals! We’ll discuss your goals, answer any questions you may have and help create an action plan for your success. On this...
$200.00 $99.99
50Lb Adjustable Dumbbell Set
Say goodbye to cluttered home gyms and hello to versatile, space-saving workouts! Our adjustable 50lb dumbbells can revolutionize your strength training sessions. Build muscle, burn fat, and achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of home! 
$800.00 $599.00
5pc Lat Pull Down
5pc Lat Pull Down Work the muscles of the back, shoulders, arms, and core Help to improve posture, stability, and grip strength Allows for variation of exercises to isolate different muscle groups Firm secure grip, durable material
Ab Cuts Sleek & Lean
Ab Cuts Sleek and Lean Midsection Solution: Now you can get the full recommended serving of CLA conveniently with other essential oils; Includes 120 easy-to-swallow soft gels Stimulant-Free: Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in...
Adjustable Kettlebell (40lbs)
EXPLOSIVE WORKOUTS ON YOUR TERMSTraining and personal goals constantly evolve. This change demands that your gym equipment be designed with the highest degree of versatility and rugged durability. Our adjustable kettlebells check all the boxes and let you tailor every...
$200.00 $160.00
Aerobic Life Mag 07
This magnesium-based cleanser releases oxygen that travels through the digestive tract, supporting healthy bacteria without causing painful gas, bloating or cramping. Mag O7 is an excellent supplement for people with: Bowel irregularity Occasional constipation Indigestion Candidasis Diverticulitis
from $39.99
Aerobic Step Deck
Quickly change the intensity of your workout with a convenient height-level adjustment from 4 inches to 6 inches. Enjoy custom intensity levels that match your fitness level. A non-slip surface provides stability for your exercise. Lightweight and portable ... easily...
Air Assault Bike
Air Assault Bike An air assault bike is a specialized exercise bike designed for high-intensity cardiovascular workouts. Featuring a unique resistance mechanism, it utilizes a large fan or blade that generates resistance based on the user's effort. The harder one...
Alani Nu Preworkout
Packed with 200 mg of caffeine to provide energy during workouts and training sessions, and with 1.6g of Beta-Alanine, 6g of Citrulline, 500mg of L-Tyrosine to support your goals. Packaging may vary 100% transparent ingredients means no proprietary blends, so...
Alive Men's Gummy
ESSENTIAL SUPPORT FOR MEN Formulated with 15 vitamins and minerals with added nutrients to help support your specific needs in delicious fruit flavors. Alive!® Men’s Gummy Multivitamin A DELICIOUS WAY TO GET YOUR VITAMINS AND MINERALS Taking your daily multivitamin...
Amazing Ashwa 120ct - Ashwagandha supplement
AMAZING FOR BOTH MIND & BODY:Thanks to its numerous health benefits, ashwagandha root has been used for centuries to help people reduce stress, improve sleep quality, boost metabolism, and support cognitive health. GREAT SUPPLEMENT FOR STRESS: Our busy modern lifestyles...
Amazing Ashwa Ashwagandha Soft Chews- Triple Berry - 60 soft chews
AMAZING FOR BOTH MIND & BODY: Known for its incredible health benefits, ashwagandha root is an adaptogen used for centuries to help relieve stress, and support cognitive health. GREAT SUPPLEMENT FOR STRESS: Our hectic lifestyles can be hard on our...
Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil
The Science Of Black Seed Oil   This black cumin seed oil is organic and packed with antioxidants and antibacterial properties that improve the body's resistance to various pathogens. The optimum amount of 5x Thymoquinone in this oil targets the...
from $45.00
Amino Lean Recovery
AminoLean Recovery has the all-in-one benefits your body needs to recover at its full potential. Vegan BCAAs and EAAs help fuel recovery and lean muscle growth. Natural electrolytes and minerals provide rapid hydration your body needs after a workout. Vitamin,...
Amino Lean Vegan
Product details Improve energy levels and exercise performance with Vegan Amino Lean, a plant based pre workout powder and all-in-one energy solution. Take Amino Lean 20-30 minutes before your workout to improve focus and performance. AminoLean can be taken on...
AminoLean Energy & Weight Management with BCAA Amino Acids
Pre Workout for Men and Women– 125mg of natural caffeine provides a clean, sustained boost of energy along with enhanced mental focus to help you crush your workout and maintain alertness throughout the day. Product Note: Exposure to heat or...
from $49.99
Anabolic Amino 10,000
Anabolic Amino 10,000 provides your body with the amino acids necessary to increase muscle mass and strength, to prevent muscle breakdown, and to promote muscle protein synthesis, anabolic activity, and PNB (positive nitrogen balance) – when used in conjunction with intense...
from $24.99
Animal Pak Powder
Elevate Your Training with Animal Pak Powder - The Ultimate Multivitamin 🏋️‍♂️ Enhance Your Workouts: Animal Pak Powder is not your ordinary multivitamin. It's a powerhouse of over 60 key ingredients carefully formulated to enhance your training sessions and boost...
Animal, Omega, Comprehensive EFA Pack
Product overview Description Enhanced Anabolism & Metabolism Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3 & 6 EPA & DHA ALA GLA CLA EAC Certified Halal - American Halal Foundation Dietary Supplement
Archipelago Collection 2023
Inspired by the colors of our flag & the resplendent sunshine of our islands, the Archipelago collection features a flag 🇧🇸 logo on both top & bottom so you can rep our country with every rep! High waist, scrunch bum...
from $29.99
Athlete Entry, Barbells & Bikinis
Includes:Lift-off RegistrationAfter Party Access
Barbie Bar Pad
The barbie bar pad is perfect for hip thrusts , squats and any barbell movements.    The barbie bar pad provides the ultimate comfort and support.    Comes with a sleek carrying case & straps to secure your pad on...
Barbie BFR Bands
Barbie Bands are a set of 4 mini loop resistance bands perfect for targeted warmups and activation as well as building strength and toning muscles.   They are the perfect addition to your gym bag, home workout collection and super...
Barbie Booty Pump Band
Take your glute activation &  glute workouts to the next level with this amazing accessory !   Perfect to add resistance to your  glute bridges, hip thrusts, kneeling thrusters, deadlifts + more !   You can even perform back exercises...
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