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Treat Yourself to a Delicious Multivitamin for Women 50+

Taking your daily multivitamin should be as delicious as it is beneficial. Women’s 50+ Gummy Multivitamins are specially formulated with 16 vitamins and minerals that support well-being as you age, plus the full B-vitamin complex to help convert food into energy.* Just two gummies a day supports cellular energy, heart health, eye health, immune health, and bone health.*

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Feel Alive! & Thriving

Alive! was built around a simple idea: No matter the demands of the day, you deserve to experience a life filled with joy. Our multivitamins were created to give you the energy to do everything that’s important to you, so each formula includes the full B-vitamin complex to support cellular energy to help you maximize every moment.* You’ll get the most from your multi with potent vitamins and minerals and the food-based Orchard Fruits™ & Garden Veggies™ powder blend.* Check off that to-do list, crush your goals, and enjoy every moment while feeling Alive! & thriving.

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Essential Support for Women 50+

Formulated with 16 vitamins and minerals with added nutrients to help support your specific needs in a delicious mixed berry flavor.

Energy for Your Everything

The full B-vitamin complex helps support cellular energy so you can maximize every moment of your busy, fulfilling life.*

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Fruits and Veggies

Made with Food-Based Blends

Contains our unique food-based Orchard Fruits™ & Garden Veggies™ powder blend (75mg per serving).

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