Gold’s Gym 30” Foam Roller with Included Exercise Chart


30” x 6” Foam Roller

  • The perfect surface area to roll out all your sore muscles, but is compact enough to store subtly anywhere in your home

High-Density, Therapeutic Foam

  • Provides a solid surface where you can warm up your muscles before your workout or roll them out to increase blood flow and try to prevent tight and sore muscles
  • Decreases muscle tightness, relieves joint stress, reduces risk of injury and pain, improves joint range of motion, corrects muscle imbalances, and massages all muscle groups

Firm Massaging Texture

  • Save yourself a trip to the sports massage therapist by using this massage roller before, during, and after your exercise routine

Closed-Cell Foam

  • Closed-cell foam material is easy to wipe clean after a workout

Exercise Chart Included

  • Follow the included guide designed by a certified personal trainer so you can get new workout ideas and ensure proper form with each movement
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