FC Massage Gun

$175.00 $139.99

Our Percussive Massage Gun works by delivering strokes, the pulse of pressure into deep tissue.

The deep tissue massager it produces soften stiff muscles and soothe the tissue around them, which relieves muscle stiffness and soreness, promotes blood flow and produce a relaxing effect on the treated area. By the rhythmic hammering of the massage head against your muscles, it helps to accelerate athlete recovery from tension workout, and make it easy for those who need to relieve stress, feelings of anxiety, soreness, pain, or muscle tension.

Designed with 5 adjustable speeds & 8 head attachments in varying sizes and shapes to suit different needs and target specific areas of the body. With up to 3200 percussions per minute, this massage gun can deeply massage into muscle 12 mm. Comes with carrying case.

(Please note that the massage gun is not meant for use by diabetics and certain issues with the spine and back.)

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