Opti Test


GET YOUR ULTIMATE BOOST of the day with OPTI TEST natural testosterone booster!

  • Promotes natural testosterone production
  • Maximizes lean muscle 
  • Increase stamina, energy, strength and libido!
  • Contains Fenugreek: Supports weight loss
  • Lowers cholesterol & blood sugar levels

Opti-Test Testosterone Complex contains key ingredient which include:

  • Fenugreek: this is an herbaceous, annual and hardy plant that is inherent to Indian subcontinent and Southeastern Europe. . Flower turns into long and thin seed pods that possess about ten yellow to brownish seeds. These seed extract contains a compound called “fenuside,” which is a type of glucoside. Glucosides are known to fuel androgens (aka male sex hormones). Thus, fenugreek helps excite the production of these male hormones in the testes. The fragrant aroma resembles clover. The seeds also possess potassium, protein, niacin, Vitamin C and diosgenin which is a compound that possess the properties common to estrogen. Testosterone is the crux of male sex drive and sexual health. Low testosterone means a low libido, low reproductive function, and sometimes even erectile dysfunction. Fenugreek can stimulate testosterone production and increase T levels. .
  • Spilanthes acmella is native to Brazil but now grows in various other tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world. It is widely distributed in parts of America, Africa, India, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Preliminary studies on Spilanthes show it has a great effect on testosterone boosting and luteinizing hormone .
  •  Longjack extract, also known as Tongkat Ali,derives from the plant family Simaroubaceae, of which researchers have only identified three species and subspecies. It is a medicine that, as research suggests, improves libido, energy, weight loss and even sports performance. Cultures in Malaysia and Southeast Asia have used it for centuries. It’s even treated as a supplement for reduced energy and libido in older individuals.
  • Diindolylmethane (DIM) :Men greatly benefit from DIM due to its ability to free up bound testosterone and optimize its performance in the body, which can help to support healthy hormone function and lay the groundwork for sexual, physical, and mental health benefits.

Opti Test is THE ultimate supplement in performance enhancement!

Suggested  usage: Take 2 caps with 10oz of water in the morning


For extreme result: take 4 caps once in the morning\ take 2 servings ( 2 capsules ea) in a separation of 8 hours the least.


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