Pro Form 6-in-1 Home Gym Kit


Transform any doorway into your personal gym!

This home exercise kit delivers six pieces of essential home gym equipment in one package. Designed to fit into most door frames, a mounted pull-up bar features several hand positions so that you can train muscles across your entire upper body from. Rotating push-up handles with every rep. Ab and core straps allow you to supplement your pull-up routine to train your obliques and abs with precise movements. An ergonomic toning wheel is designed to target your abs with a slow, smooth-rolling motion. Also included is an informative nutrition guide that can be used to inform your diet and complement your training.

  • (1) Door Mounted Pull-Up Bar
  • (2) Rotating Push-Up Handles
  • (2) Ab and Core Straps
  • (1) Toning Wheel
  • (1) Healthy Eating Nutrition Guide
  • (1) Instructional Exercise Chart
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Coming Soon
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