GAT Whey Matrix Protein 4.5lb Vanilla

$74.99 $49.99

Indulgence can be a good thing when it’s GAT Sport WHEY MATRIX™. This deliciously clean quad-blend of whey provides 24-25g of protein in a low-fat, mouth-watering formula you’ll want to indulge in all day long. GAT Whey Matrix is the perfect one-two punch when it comes creating to a healthier and leaner, more well-toned physique! This high quality protein source delivers on rich thickness and flavors, for an amazing taste. Our Whey Matrix is perfect for use in cooking, in smoothies, and in shakes. Or, simply mix it with cold water or milk. It always mixes smoothly, with no clumps or settling. Extremely delicious flavor in every sip!*

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